Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Middle East in general has higher criminality than both Western Europe and East Asia, including China

Though crime in the Middle East does tend to be lower than that of Latin America. Black Africans, of course, tend to have the highest crime rates.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

For every black murder victim in 2011 there were 19 blacks killed by abortion, according to data from the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The CDC’s Abortion Surveillance Report for 2011 shows that 117,293 black babies were aborted that year in the 32 states and the District of Columbia that report abortion numbers to the CDC. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2011, shows that 6,329 blacks were murder victims that year (5,416 males, 910 females, and 3 unknown gender). In other words, for every black American killed by homicide in 2011, there were 19 (18.5) blacks killed by abortion - and that’s just in the jurisdictions that report their abortion data.

There is a plague of homicide among black Americans

The murder rate among African-Americans has receded in recent years: In 2010, it was 32 per 100,000 people — half the rate of 1990, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But it remains much higher than for other groups. The homicide mortality rate in 2010 for black men between 25 and 34 was about 15 times the rate for white men of the same age. This racial disparity isn’t new. Historians such as Eric H. Monkkonen of the University of California, Los Angeles, have traced disproportionate black murder rates to the late 19th century, with the gap widening in the 20th. Annual reports by the Los Angeles police from the early 1940s show that even when blacks were just 5% of the city’s population, they accounted for 21% of its homicide victims. There is no mystery in the fact that black people are most likely to be killed by other black people: Homicide tends to occur mostly within groups, no matter the race.

West Hollywood hate crime: A gay African American man was confronted by three Hispanic men in a SUV who yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him, according to a statement from the L.A. Sheriff's Department

One of the Latino suspects got out of the vehicle and punched the black victim in the face, causing him to fall backward and lose consciousness, deputies said. He was treated at a hospital. The trio fled, and now authorities want to talk to these Hispanic men about what could be a double hate crime and an assault.

A new study shows that a majority of Germans have had enough of the Holocaust and want to move on from "the greatest genocide in history"

About 81% of Germans say that they want to put "the history of the persecution of the Jews behind them" and for their leaders to turn to contemporary problems. The study entitled "Connecting past, separating present" was conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation to gauge current German-Israeli relations. It also showed that almost half of modern day Germans - 48% - have a bad opinion about Israel, 36% a good one. Pollsters said that the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict greatly determines German perceptions of Israel. In Germany, 68% want their lawmakers to stop weapons exports to Tel Aviv. In 2014, a submarine costing half a billion pounds was delivered to the Israeli navy.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Twin 9-year-old boys were left mostly alone in their New Hampshire apartment for four months after their African parents took three siblings to Nigeria and left an uncle to care for them

Manchester police say that the uncle, 25-year-old Giobari Atura, told them that he would stop by every couple of days to drop off food, but when police got involved in November 2014, they found no edible food in the refrigerator and only ramen noodles in a cabinet. Atura was charged in December 2014 with one count of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. He was freed on $500 bail. Atura's older brother, Jerusalem Monday, left for Nigeria with his wife and three of their children in July 2014, intending to return in August 2014. They told police that they were delayed by illness and passport problems. The case came to light when officials at the boys' school told the state Division of Children, Youth, and Families that the twins had been living on their own. The boys were taken into protective custody and then placed into foster care, though they're now back with their parents. A Hillsborough County attorney said that the parents returned home shortly after they learned the boys were being left alone. Because they left them in the care of a relative, he said, they won't be charged. In a police affidavit, Atura said that he told the boys to call him if they needed anything. "It should be noted that no operable phone was located within the apartment," the affidavit says. The twins' parents said that they had instructed Atura to stay at the apartment, and if he couldn't, they gave him the name of a family friend to contact. The parents said that they stayed in phone contact with Atura, who assured them everything was fine.

Since 1965, Congress has increased immigration levels half a dozen times, raising legal immigration into the United States from 290,000 to approximately 1.1 million people annually

That is more than four times as high as any other country. Crucially, post-1965 immigration has been concentrated among less-skilled, less-educated workers. From 1980 to 1995, immigration increased the number of college graduates in the American work force by 4% while increasing the number of workers without high-school diplomas by 21%.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New York State’s most powerful Jewish powerbroker has fallen

Sheldon Silver, among the two or three most powerful men in state politics since 1994, surrendered to FBI agents at a federal building in Foley Square, just blocks from the Lower East Side district he dominated for decades. A New York State Assembly member from the Lower East Side since 1977, Silver has been the speaker of the assembly since 1994. Silver’s fall, on what are expected to be corruption charges related to undisclosed payments from a law firm, comes as the Lower East Side old boys network he ruled continues to self-immolate. Silver was a member of a tight-knit coterie of Jewish political operators who came up together in the co-op developments on Grand Street. Many had working class roots, belonged to the Bialystoker Synagogue on Willett Street, and developed power together through the same few Jewish institutions. Now, that Lower East Side crew is falling to pieces. William Rapfogel, Silver’s close ally, is in state prison after pleading guilty to embezzling millions as an executive director of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. Silver was a key benefactor of the Met Council, and William Rapfogel’s wife Judy is Silver’s chief of staff. Heshy Jacob, the traditional third member of Rapfogel and Silver’s Lower East Side power troika, was traveling in Israel and said that he was unaware of Silver’s arrest when reached via telephone. Speaking about the roles he, Rapfogel and Silver played on the Lower East Side, Jacob was forthright about the old guard’s power: ““We put in time and effort for the people,” Jacob said at the time. “It’s not that we simply are despots.” That power is now evaporating, as is the influence it wielded in Albany. The U.S. Attorney’s charges against Silver will relate to payments from a law firm called Goldberg & Iryami that specializes in tax certioari. Jay Arthur Goldberg, who leads the firm, grew up on the Lower East Side with Silver. His firm represents the Grand Street co-op buildings where Silver and Rapfogel lived. Some of those buildings are managed by Jacob.

Two black men in Houston have been christened by the Smoking Gun as the "country's dumbest iPad thieves"

Why? Dorian Walker-Gaines, 20, and Dillian Thompson, 22, are accused of stealing an iPad, $5,000 in cash, a laptop, and other stuff from a parked vehicle, then posing for a series of celebratory selfies that got uploaded to the rightful owner's iCloud account. In one image, the two are seen holding $100 bills in a nearby Burger King. “This, my good people, is what we get from a good night’s hustle," said Walker-Gaines in a video he posted on Facebook. Owner Stewart Schaefer noticed the images in his iCloud account, shared them online, and the Internet took care of the rest. After a Reddit user recognized the black men and passed along their identities, police arrested them.